New Year’s Resolutions for an Awesome 2018!

New Year's Resolutions for an awesome 2018

Finally, we made it to 2018. For me, the New Year not only gives me time to reflect on the past year, but it also helps me plan for the future! While this past year has had ups and downs, I can’t wait to get started on my New Year’s resolutions for an awesome 2018. This year, I hope to improve in my work as a barista and devote more of my time to reading. Furthermore, Jessie and I hope to write plenty of new material for you all to enjoy this year!

In this post, Jessie and I wanted to help brainstorm some New Year’s resolutions for an awesome 2018 for each of you. Therefore, we compiled a list of ideas to help you decide on some lifestyle improvements for the New Year. This is a great time to consider the past year and move forward with new goals to make 2018 awesome!

Healthy Eating:

Many people hope to have better eating habits in the New Year. Regardless, that can get complicated throughout the year. Try these simple ideas that help make big differences!

1. A great way to improve your eating habits is to cook food at home more often. Not only do you control the ingredients you put into your body, but you tend to save money as well! In fact, I received some great holiday gifts this year to use in the kitchen. Check out these cool appliances that will make 2018 cooking so much fun!

I use my slow cooker to make some delicious and easy meals!

I love making soups with my new immersion blender.

This Yonanas dessert maker creates delicious ice cream out of bananas! Healthy, yummy, and fun!


Also, check out some of our favorite recipes. On the blog, we have a delicious hummus recipe, a vegan pot pie recipe, a vegan potato curry recipe, and plenty more! This is the perfect place to start!

2. Furthermore, replacing sodas with healthier drink options can help eliminate unwanted sugar in your diet. Instead, try drinking tea, or invest in a juicer!

This adorable teapot would look great in your kitchen!

Sugars from fruit and vegetables are so much better for you than sugars found in sodas!


If you’re anything like me, committing to a steady exercise routine gets difficult. In the New Year, try out these options, and maybe ask a friend to exercise with you. Sometimes, accountability is crucial!

3. Try investing in a gym membership. Currently, I have a month to month membership for a local gym. I love that I do not have to sign a contract to use the facility! Regardless, if you don’t want to hurt your wallet, try investing in some basic at home equipment. Exercise doesn’t need complicated machines to get the job done. In fact, try searching YouTube for helpful workout videos that are catered to your needs!

A basic dumbbell set is a great addition for plenty of at home workouts!

Step platforms can be used for many different at home exercises. They are versatile and easy to adjust.


4. In addition, adding more activity into your day-to-day life can help just as much as a gym membership. For example, commit to walking or biking to work one day out of the week. Plus, you can’t beat helping the environment while also staying healthy!

The Fitbit can track your activity for you throughout the day. This can be super helpful for less structured exercise!


De-stressing can mean something different for everyone! Personally, making pottery and reading are both great de-stressors for me. Therefore, try some of these out, so you can find something that helps eliminate stress in your life!

5. Start practicing yoga. While taking yoga classes is a great option, you can also invest in your own mat, and learn on your own!

Investing in a yoga mat is a great place to start!

This deck demonstrates yoga poses for you. Great for beginners!

 6. Organizing and de-cluttering can do wonders for eliminating stress. For example, have a yard sale with some of your friends to get rid of items you do not use anymore. Someone else may find value in materials you no longer need! In addition, invest in a planner to help you organize your day-to-day schedule.

In this book, Marie Kondō teaches the art of decluttering. A definite must read!!


Check out this adorable planner! Practical and cute!

We hope this list of ideas helped you decide on some awesome New Year’s resolutions for 2018! Leave us a comment to let us know what resolutions you came up with!




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