10 Gift Ideas for your Favorite Bookworm

In the winter time, I love cuddling up with a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book.  Of course, I’m sure plenty of you do just as much! Therefore, we’ve decided to put together a list of gift ideas for your favorite bookworm. In this list, you’ll not only find books themselves, but gifts bookworms might enjoy! With vacation time just around the corner, I’m sure everyone is getting out their neglected must read lists. Trust me, these gifts will go perfectly with all of your favorite books.

Honestly, Molly and I both love to lose ourselves in a good read. That said, these gift ideas always make our favorite books better. Personally, I think book related gifts are great for the holiday season, and I know your loved ones will agree. Therefore, take a few minutes to skim this list, and find some perfect gift ideas for your favorite bookworm!

1. Your Favorite Book

Not only do I love the book, The Little Prince, but I also love to gift it. Enjoyable to bookworms of all ages, it will draw you in from the first page. How about gifting your own favorite read this year?

gift ideas for your favorite bookworm

2. Kindle E-Reader

Honestly, I love going to the library. However, you can’t beat the convenience of having a whole library of books right in your handbag. With that said, I’m sure bookworms would love to get a Kindle E-Reader! Specifically,  Kindles make reading while traveling so much easier, while keeping your bag lighter!

3. A Best Selling Book of the Year

If you’re not a bibliophile yourself, consider gifting a best selling book of the current year. You can find an entire list here
4. Amazon Gift Card

If you can’t decide what type of book your book loving friend might like, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card. This way, they can choose the book themselves!

5. Audible Subscription

While reading books is great, listening to books can be even better! In my opinion, I think that an audio book subscription is such a fun gift. With it, your book loving friend can enjoy reads while driving to and from work, washing dishes, or sitting by the pool.

6. Book Light

With a book light, you can help protect your pal’s eyes while they read those page turning thrillers late into the night!

7. Bookworm Coffee Mug

How about a quirky coffee mug for your favorite book loving friend? Of course, we all know that a delicious cup of coffee is the perfect match to a good read!

8. Interesting Set of Bookends

We love these geode bookends! What a sweet addition to any home library, right?? If you do a search on Etsy, you’ll find lots of different styles of bookends to choose from.

9. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

For your literary lover who also has a passion for alcoholic beverages, we’ve found this sweet and absolutely entertaining cocktail recipe book!

10. Library Embosser

Looking for a creative gift idea for your bibliophile friend? Well, we think this personalized book embosser would be awesome for their personal library! Not only does it ensure the safe return of shared books, but it adds such a cool personal touch to all of your favorite reads!

Good luck choosing the coolest gifts for your coolest friends, y’all! If you love books, don’t miss the book review we did about Welcome to Night Vale!


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