10 Gift Ideas for Coffee Addicts for Under $50

Finally, November has arrived, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started getting my holiday gifts together. I hate scrambling to find presents at the last minute. Of course, you get to December 23rd, and suddenly you completely blank on what your loved ones could possibly want. Well, I decided that wasn’t happening this year. Furthermore, Jessie and I thought we should spread the early bird cheer and help all of you by creating a few gift lists. In this one, we have comprised 10 gift ideas for coffee addicts, and they’re all under $50!

I’m positive that all of you have plenty of loved ones that drink coffee. So, I’ve tried to come up with a few ideas that I know I would love to gift to some of my own friends! Typically, people who enjoy coffee drink it everyday. Therefore, I think that coffee related gifts can often serve as practical gifts as well. That said, I use many of these items everyday. Similarly, I hope these gift ideas for coffee addicts help all of you with your gifting this year!

1. Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill

Not only does this grinder adjust for precise grind, but it is also lightweight and portable. Therefore, your favorite coffee enthusiast can have freshly ground coffee anywhere!

2. Cool Coffee Mug

While everyone has a coffee mug, they can never have too many. So, here are a few favorites!



3. AeroPress

So, the AeroPress is an awesome gift for coffee geeks. Not only can you take the AeroPress anywhere, but a lot of people love learning how to use them! If you need help with the process, check out our AeroPress brew guide.

4. Coffee Beans from your Favorite Coffee Roaster

I love sharing coffee beans from my favorite roasters with my favorite people. Plus, you might help a friend find their new favorite coffee!

5. DIY Coffee Scrub

Recently, Jessie and I wrote a blog post about how to make a DIY coffee scrub. This year, I plan to make a good bit of this scrub and gift it to my friends in mason jars with festive bows!

diy coffee body scrub


6. Reusable Coffee Sleeve

Not only will coffee drinkers love having their own sleeve, but this gift is also ecofriendly. Consequently, imagine how many coffee sleeves saved with this awesome gift!

7. Cold Brew Kit

Similar to the AeroPress, cold coffee drinkers will love learning about cold brew processes. Therefore, with this cold brew kit, they can learn how to make cold brew just like a coffee shop!

8. Coffee Candle

Not only do I love drinking coffee, but the smell is wonderful. Personally, I really like when I get candles as gifts. Oftentimes, I don’t think to buy them myself, but I enjoy having them!

9. Coffee Coffee Table Book

These books are great for aspiring coffee experts. Personally, I keep them on my shelf, and I love sharing them with my friends!



10. Upcycled Coffee Sack Bag

A few years ago, I bought an upcycled coffee sack bag at a craft festival, and I use it all the time. Not only do I get tons of compliments about it, but I also really like having it as a grocery bag when I go shopping.

I hope you all enjoy searching for perfect gifts this holiday season!


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