DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Every fall our family goes to the North Georgia mountains for all of the apple fun at the Ellijay Apple Festival. Typically, we rent a cabin and spend the entire weekend together. Because Jessie, our brother, and I don’t live at home now, we love getting to spend this time as a family. Of course, we don’t get to all stay in the same house often anymore, so this has become very special for all of us. That said, not only do we find awesome crafts at the festival, but we also try to make our own! So, this year we made a DIY mason jar bird feeder.

Jessie and I have a five year old nephew. Therefore, we always try to find projects and games that he will enjoy with us! This DIY mason jar bird feeder was a hit with him. While Jessie and I think these feeders look adorable, we also loved that the simplicity of it allowed him to participate too. No need for crafty experts to create this beautiful bird feeder! After we came home, I hung mine on my porch, and the birds can’t stop coming!




  • First, use the glue to attach the dowel rod to the side of the jar. Make sure that the rod extends far enough to allow birds room to perch.


  • Next, cut a piece of ribbon to your desired length, and tie a knot at the top of it.


  • Then, glue the ribbon to the jar on each side to keep it from falling out of place.


DIY Bird Feeder


  • Finally, add some bird seed, and find the perfect spot to hang your new DIY mason jar bird feeder!

DIY Bird Feeder


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