Coffee Brewing Methods: Kalita Wave

So, everyone loves a delicious cup of pour over coffee. Regardless, the industry offers a few different types of single cup pour over brewers. The clever, Hario V60, and Kalita Wave are all suitable methods, but today I will focus on the Kalita Wave. Personally, I think that the Kalita is most forgiving in nature for at home coffee experimenting. Unlike other drippers, the Kalita has a flat base to it. Therefore, you can acquire a more even extraction when brewing. In addition, the waves on both the brewer and the paper filters help to avoid heat loss when brewing.

As usual, I would like to remind everyone that you should always drink coffee exactly as you like it! While I love spreading my own knowledge about coffee, everyone has taste preferences. I will outline how I make coffee with the Kalita Wave, but please make changes that your tastebuds find appropriate! Typically, when I make drip coffee, I prefer to use about a 1:16 coffee to water ratio. Regardless, when looking for your perfect cup, start anywhere within a 1:15-18 ratio, and adjust as you see fit. Happy coffee drinking, folks!

Making Coffee with the Kalita Wave:


  1. Kalita Wave Brewer
  2. Kalita Wave Filters
  3. Glass Server
  4. Scale
  5. 22 Grams of Coffee
  6. Grinder
  7. Kettle
  8. Water
  9. Timer
  10. A beautiful mug for serving in!

The Process:

  • First, weigh out 22 grams of coffee. In this pour over, I use Finca Kilimanjaro beans roasted by Counter Culture Coffee. These beans are from Santa Ana, El Salvador, and they are wash processed. For more information on why we weigh coffee with a scale, check out this link.

kalita wave


  • Next, grind the coffee. I use a medium size grind for the Kalita Wave.




  • After you tare the scale, bloom the coffee with 50 grams of water for about 30 seconds. For more information on coffee blooms, check out this article.


  • Next, continue pouring the water in even, concentric circles until the scale reads 200 grams.


  • After the coffee in the filter drops about half an inch, begin pouring in 50 gram increments until your scale reads 350 grams.


  • Finally, pour your delicious cup of coffee!

pour over

Ta da! Enjoy, folks! If you would like to try another brew method, check out our blogpost about AeroPress coffee.


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