DIY Screen Print T-Shirts

screen print

Recently, a friend of mine taught me how to make these DIY screen print t-shirts. Since we had so much fun with them, I thought you would enjoy learning to make them as well. Plus, Jessie and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of making our own custom Pour Over Love shirts! For all of you crafty folks out there, you will love this fun weekend activity.

You can make this project as simple or as complicated as you want. For more detailed images, prepare yourself for a longer and more tedious process. Even though the Pour Over Love logo isn’t super detailed, it still took a long time to Mod Podge every area with even lines. If your ambition gets the best of you, just make sure to have a few smaller brushes on hand for the detail work. Also, the Mod Podge can’t be too thick. You want all of the extra pantyhose openings completely covered. It may take longer to dry, but try to cover everything thoroughly. ¬†Otherwise, you will get spots outside of your desired image. Hope you come up with some cool designs!



1. First, cut your panty hose into one layer, and stretch a portion of it to fit across your embroidery hoop. Pull it tight, and cut off the excess fabric.

2. Next, trace your image onto the pantyhose. Keep in mind that if the image is mostly lined rather than solid, the lines need to be thick enough to paint around with Mod Podge.

3. Now, paint a thick layer of Mod Podge across the pantyhose to cover the space outside of the image.

4. Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely. It will take a long time. Make sure you leave it where the pantyhose can’t stick to anything!

5. After done drying, place your screen print stencil onto your t-shirt where you want the image printed. Using a foam paint brush and fabric paint, paint across the stencil in an even layer. If you’ve painted the Mod Podge correctly, you should have a perfect image!



Hope you all enjoy this fun project as much as we did!


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