While I’ve explained different brew methods in the past, I thought you might find it useful to have what I consider home barista necessities in one list. Over the years, I’ve accumulated heaps of coffee equipment. My home barista corner has slowly morphed into the hoarding barista corner. Regardless, I have narrowed down my haul into my everyday essentials. If you hope to boost your at home coffee game, I think that these products will greatly benefit you. While accumulating them may feel expensive, remember that most of them will last forever. Oftentimes, I’ve found that people choose to make coffee at home rather than going to a coffee shop in order to save money. While you can definitely save money by switching to your own kitchen, there is no need to compromise the quality of your beverage. Invest now for the sake of your taste buds!

Everyone has a morning routine. Mine centers around coffee. I prefer to take ten extra minutes for a properly brewed cup of coffee before I leave my house. Therefore, I weigh my beans, grind them right before brewing, and make sure to use my preferred coffee to water ratios. In taking this time for myself, I set my day up for success. In order to do this, I typically use a combination of the products listed below. I hope that you, too, can find the appeal that I do in this routine. Happy brewing!

1. Coffee Grinder

If you begin grinding your own coffee, your world will change. The closer to brew time that you grind your coffee beans, the better your coffee will taste! Here are a couple of my favorite grinders to check out:

The Baratza Vario 886 is my current at home grinder. It is wonderful!


This Hario manual hand grinder is a great and affordable option to start with.

2. Scale

Typically, at home coffee drinkers use tablespoons or scoops to measure their coffee grounds. However, all coffees weigh different amounts. Therefore, to get a more nuanced flavor profile, measuring your coffee in grams helps with consistency. Try one of these out:

The Nourish digital scale is an affordable option that still offers a timer feature.

The Acaia interactive scale is more expensive, but very sensitive and precise.

3. Kettle

Using an electric gooseneck kettle will keep your water temperature consistent and accurate, and the spout controls the flow rate and direction of the water. Plus, they’re super convenient! Try out one of these options:

This Bonavita electric kettle is affordable and perfect for new home brewers.

The Fellow Stagg kettle has a sleek look and a built-in thermometer for optimal temperature control.

4. Favorite Brewer

Choosing a brewer is the fun part! I have a Chemex, Clever, AeroPress, Kalita Wave, siphon, French press, and a Bezzera BZ07 espresso machine. Essentially, choose your favorite, and make sure you have all of the necessary accessories for it. You can check out our coffee brewing method posts for the French press, iced pour over, and AeroPress if you need help getting started with them!




Kalita Wave


French Press

Bezzera BZ07

5. High Quality Coffee Beans

Similar to brewing style, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to flavor profiles. Outside of choosing coffee flavors that appeal to you, I recommend using a local roaster that prioritizes attention to the sourcing of their beans and precision in the roasting process. Coffee production contains a lot of moving parts including farming, processing, sourcing, roasting, and brewing. If you plan to brew your coffee with mindfulness and care, you want all of the steps that came before you to work at the same quality level. With all of that in mind, I’m trying different roasters all the time. Regardless, here are a few that I’m currently loving on:

I just started working for 1000 Faces Coffee. They are located in Athens, GA, and I’ve loved their coffee for years!


Dynamite Roasting Company is located in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and I love stopping by when I’m in their area.


A friend of mine used to work for this roaster out of Atlanta, Georgia. They roast wonderfully!


I hope these tips help you make some delicious coffee at home!


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