Coffee Brewing Methods: French Press

If you’re looking for a super consistent and reliable brew method, the French press won’t let you down. Attilio Calimani patented it in 1929, and despite its age, it has remained largely similar in design ever since. Like the AeroPress and siphon, it relies on the coffee’s complete immersion in water throughout the brew process. However, the French press lacks the paper or cloth filter that most other brewing devices have. This causes it to have a more full-bodied flavor because most of the coffee’s oils are retained in the brew itself. Because I personally translate this into a “muddier” mouth feel, I try to avoid brighter flavored coffees in my press. Therefore, try out your darker roasted, nutty, and earthy flavored coffees when you begin using the French press.

As usual, before we get started, I would like to remind you to always drink coffee exactly how you like it! All of my suggestions are just that. I love sharing my experience and knowledge about coffee. Regardless, please experiment with your own ideas to find the perfect flavor profile for you. Additionally, the French press, specifically, is a very forgiving brew method. Therefore, allow yourself to make changes in the process!

Making French Press Coffee:


  1. French Press
  2. Scale
  3. 50 Grams of Coffee
  4. Grinder
  5. Kettle
  6. Water
  7. Timer
  8. A beautiful mug for serving in!

The Process:

  • First, weigh out 50 grams of coffee. In this brew, I use Sumatra Mandheling beans roasted at Dynamite Roasting Company in Black Mountain, North Carolina. These beans are from the Central Aceh area and are wash processed. For more information on why we weigh coffee with a scale, check out this link.


  • Next, grind the coffee. For French press coffee, I typically use a coarse grind size.


  • After heating the water to a 200-205 degree temperature, pour a little into the empty brewer in order to preheat the vessel, and then empty it.


  • Now, pour the ground coffee into the press, place it on the scale, and tare the scale.


  • Next, pour water into the vessel until the scale reads 400 grams.


  • After one minute, give the coffee a stir. I recommend using a wooden utensil if your press is glass in order to avoid cracking it. Then, continue pouring the water until the scale reads 800 grams.


  • Place the cap on the brewer, and wait until the timer reads four minutes.


  • Then, steadily push down the plunger to separate the grounds from the coffee.


  • Immediately pour the coffee, and enjoy!

Note: Be sure to clean all of the French press parts well between uses!

Other Great French Presses:

Clever Chef small french press for single servings!

Bodum Brazil shatterproof french press!



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