Coffee Brewing Methods: Iced Pour Over

iced pour over

Has it been hot outside or what?? I’m not sure about you, but I’ve only wanted iced coffee this summer. I started making cold brew a few years ago. While I love making it, the process takes planning and a good bit of wait time. Sometimes, I want cold coffee, and I want it NOW! Therefore, this summer, I have made tons of these iced pour overs. A few minutes for this cold coffee method always beats the day wait time for a pitcher of cold brew, if you ask me. Trust me, iced pour overs will change your summer coffee life!

Before I explain my iced pour over method, I would like to underline that you should always drink coffee exactly as you like it! Today, I plan to show you how to make iced pour overs using the Kalita Wave brewer. However, we are simply creating a concentrated brew that the ice dilutes. Therefore, feel free to use a different brewer. Just keep in mind that you must make the ratio of coffee to water more concentrated. Nobody wants a watered down cup of iced coffee! Also, I encourage you to make adjustments as you see fit in order to perfect an iced pour over suited to your tastebuds.

Making an Iced Pour Over:


  1. Kalita Wave Brewer
  2. Kalita Wave Filters
  3. Glass Server
  4. Scale
  5. 31 Grams of Coffee
  6. Grinder
  7. Kettle
  8. Water
  9. Ice
  10. Timer
  11. A glass for serving in!

The Process:

  • First, weigh out 31 grams of coffee. In this iced pour over, I use Ethiopia Misty Valley Grade 1 beans roasted at Perc Coffee in Savannah, GA. These beans are from the Yirgacheffe region and are wash processed. For more information on why we weigh coffee with a scale, check out this link.


  • Next, grind the coffee. Since I use less hot water in this brew method, I typically try to make the grind size a little finer than my typical pour over. This will allow the water to stay in contact with the coffee grounds longer even with less water used.


  • Now, heat the water in the kettle. I use a 200-205 degree temperature. Before I begin brewing, I wet the Kalita Wave filter. This helps eliminate any paper filter taste from the coffee. While the water is heating, weigh out 250 grams of ice into your glass server.



  • After you tare the scale, bloom the coffee with 60 grams of water for about 40 seconds. For more information on coffee blooms, check out this article.


  • Next, continue pouring hot water into your Kalita Wave until the scale reads 250 grams. Pour the water in concentric circles at a steady pace.
  • Now, pour your delicious cup of iced coffee into a serving glass.

  • Ta da! Drink up, folks!

If you are interested in other brewing methods, check out our post about AeroPress coffee!


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