DIY Solar Eclipse Viewer

So, Jessie and I did not prepare for viewing the solar eclipse. When I went searching for a few pairs of solar eclipse glasses, everywhere in Athens had already sold out. Then, I decided to search for them online. Of course, the prices had sky rocketed by now! Thankfully, our dad saved the day. Our parents both grew up near Athens, and our dad remembers making a solar eclipse viewer in May of 1984 when the southeast last witnessed a solar eclipse. We decided to model a viewer after his.

Conceptually, you will project the image of the sun onto a sheet of paper. This will help you avoid direct eye contact with the sun. Remember, you absolutely do NOT want to look directly at a solar eclipse without any eye protection. This can cause burns on your retinas or eclipse blindness. Keep your eyes safe, friends!


  • Cereal box
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Safety pin
  • Writing utensil
  • Copy paper

The Process:

  • First, use the cereal box to trace the bottom of it on a piece of paper.

  • Next, cut out your drawing, making it a little bit smaller than the actual box. Now, tape the piece of paper to the inside of the box.¬†This will act as a viewing screen for the eclipse.


  • Cut off the side tabs and a section on each side of the flaps about an inch in length.



  • Next, place the aluminum foil over the left opening and tape it in place.

  • Now, carefully create a small hole in the foil using a safety pin.

  • In order to see the eclipse, stand with your back towards the sun. Look through the opening with the foil part of the box above your head. You may have to adjust your direction until you can view the eclipse on the paper.
solar eclipse viewer

Molly practicing using her solar eclipse viewer using the ceiling light above her!

I hope you all enjoy seeing the eclipse this Monday. Take care if you decide to fight the traffic, and protect your eyes, folks!